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By FusionPOS | Nov 09th, 2021

5 Keys to Choosing the Best POS for your Restaurant or Takeaways

A fully-functional point of sale (POS) system can streamline your restaurant's operations and reduce the staff's workload. Today, when online payments and contactless menus are a staple in the restaurant industry, having a reliable POS is inevitable.

However, relying on the trial and error method when choosing POS for your restaurant or takeaway will only waste your money, time, and effort. Therefore, we recommend you choose a reliable and professional POS system that has it all.

If you're unsure how to pick the correct kind of POS for your restaurant or takeaway, we have listed the key points to get you through it.

I. Data Access

Restaurants rely on their available customer data for future decisions. If a POS system can compile, categorise, and analyse user data, it makes things easier for the staff. Modern POS tools come pre-equipped with data handling capabilities, ensuring you have all vital information at your fingertips.

Another essential factor for a restaurant's POS is data accessibility. No one has time to sit in front of an old desktop and go through piles of complex data; you need seamless data access from your phone, iPad, or laptop to stay at the top of your game.

II. Customer Experience

Contactless order placement, online payments, and quick add-ons determine your restaurant's compatibility with modern user preferences. Your POS tool should be capable of handling fast-paced restaurant operations where time is often a constraint. Get a POS system that doesn't make your customers wonder, "How do I deal with this thing?" because not everyone is tech-savvy out there. Pick a capable yet straightforward tool.

III. User Experience

Don't burden your restaurant staff with a tool that takes most of their time. The POS system should break data into digestible chunks so your head chef, restaurant manager, and the cashier can drill down into their desirable sections. When data is organised, the relevant staff can make quick decisions and take action accordingly.

If you purchase the POS tool from a credible software company, it will train your staff to handle this new business addition right from the get-go. So don't pass on a possibly excellent tool because it seems difficult - you can always learn.

IV. Scalability

You won't always offer the same products and services. Restaurants' menus, special deals, and prices keep changing. So, get a scalable POS to accommodate these changes. Cloud-based POS software is the best at this front because it doesn’t limit your experience and allows timely updates. Remember, a scalable tool will evolve instead of getting outdated!

V. Data Encryption

Data security is a big concern for business owners because they thrive on it. If your POS software comes from a reliable IT company, its data encryption will be par excellence. From offering a secure payment gateway to keeping your staff information safe, your POS should do it all.

VI. Functionality

Speed and user-friendliness determine if a POS will stay in your restaurant for long enough to justify its cost. You don't want your staff to struggle with a slow-loading POS or the one that makes data look difficult. Check the prospective POS system's functionality beforehand to enjoy streamlined backend administrative tasks, and you're good.

In A Word!

FusionPOS is a fully integrated, practical, and easy-to-manage POS tool right at your service. Whether you're struggling with tracking sales or transaction management feels tedious, incorporate Fusion POS into your business to delegate these tasks and relax.