By Fusion POS Editor | Agust 2st, 2017

An abbreviation of POS is point of sale. It is a system which is used for the combination of computer software and hardware that allows merchants to take transactions as well all simplify key everyday trade operations. These systems are much more complex than traditional cash register because they are able to capture customer report workers productivity, data and even manage inventory.

By Fusion POS Editor | Agust 4th, 2017

Restaurants and takeaways depend on their customers for running their business. Customers come in, take meal and pay for it – that’s the life cycle of any restaurant. Online order is also a part of the cycle, and not even a single detail can be overlooked. Here comes the importance of loyal customers.

By Fusion POS Editor | Agust 7st, 2017

It’s very important to get lots of customers for any business to run perfectly. Of course, there are lots of other competitors in the field. Every particular one have to have reasons why customers should choose them. It’s very important for all business, especially for food business. Knowing customer’s needs and fulfilling them is one of the major ways to earn more customers, and raise the business.

By Fusion POS Editor | May 03rd, 2017

Every business is now spreading over the internet. Food delivery platforms are delivering food all over the world, feeding people and making a huge amount of profit as well. People are also becoming more interested ordering food online that has taken the focus of all businesses to the web platform.

By Fusion POS Editor | May 10th, 2017

Starting a food delivery business is not very difficult as well not expensive either. We can start our food delivery business in any area. However, starting our delivery trade in huge cities might be the easiest and most moneymaking. For cooking and baking loving person, opening a food business is a great way to combine their hobby

By Fusion POS Editor | May 14rd, 2017

As a customer, ordering food from a restaurant or takeaway is the most effective way. Because of heavy load from the customers, intermediary portals are becoming more and more popular. Though they’re great in serving food, it’s not the best way to order food.

By Fusion POS Editor | May 30th, 2017

We have a great product that our customers can't wait to get their hands on. This is the perfect situation for our commercial to be successful. For that, we need the right system in place to make sure that we can actually deliver to our customers where and when they are expecting their order. It is order management system. Order management is a challenge for our business.

By Fusion POS Editor | June 1st, 2017

For a business to grow up, making up a good amount of profit is a must. But when maintaining the business require a good amount of investment, it’s pretty hard to gain more and more profit. It’s the universal rule for all businesses. Food business is one of the top business in the world. Restaurants, takeaways – all fall into this category.

By Fusion POS Editor | June 1st, 2017

Proper delivery system is one of the major fact of having a successful business career in the field of restaurants or takeaways. Most of the time, people order food online because they don’t want to go to the shop, choose their desired food from the menu, return home with it. That’s a huge time investment.

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