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Best Ways to Recycle Used Cooking Oil      Boost Compost Pile

Boost Compost Pile

Reuse biodegradable materials

Since making organic compost is a smart way to reduce solid waste and reuse biodegradable materials, we can also adjust used cooking oil here. By mixing vegetable cooking oil with other organic matter, you can provide the plants with safer and more hospitable growth conditions. Using organic matter to fertilize kitchen gardens is an old practice, and you can adopt it too.

You can mix vegetable oil with vegetable & fruit peel and chemical soil fertilizers to support the growth of certain worms. The most important worms that benefit from used cooking oil are fungal mycelia which are important for plant growth. So, if you’re into kitchen gardening and growing fresh produce, you don’t have to let used cooking oil go to waste.

"Only vegetable oil can be used in organic compost. Animal-based fats don’t sit well with organic manure"