Caller ID feature for online ordering system for Takeaways / Restaurants

By FusionPOS | Oct 18th, 2022

Caller ID feature for online ordering system for Takeaways / Restaurants

Build your customer database with the most prominent feature Caller ID. Save time, and money, and provide better service by integrating Caller ID.

Create orders easily with Caller-ID integration

Fusion Caller ID recognizes your customers and lists their addresses when they call you. Know who’s calling your shop with the Fusion Caller ID feature, you’ll always know who your customers are so you can turn them into regulars.

Easily identify your customers

Caller ID allows you to provide a faster and more personalized ordering experience. Whenever a customer calls, you can recognise their name as soon as the phone rings. That’s not just great for building a rapport — you’ll also save time and increase order accuracy, increasing efficiency and improving the ordering experience for everyone.

Stay Connected

With our caller ID integration, you have your customers’ details in front when you receive a call. This gives you a head start in dealing with the issues in a quicker and more direct manner. Caller ID recognization speeds up the order-taking process and eliminates order-related errors. The caller ID Feature helps in identifying regular and high-spending customers, improving overall customer services and increasing customer loyalty.

How it works

When a customer calls your takeaway the takeaway software will search through your customer database and identify the caller. Once the caller has been identified the takeaway software then displays the name and telephone number of the caller on the touch screen.

Add a personal touch

Address your customers personally! Make your customers feel welcome by addressing them by name, using the Caller ID feature. This feature allows a frequent customer's name and phone number to be shown when they call your takeaway.

Build your current customer database with key customer information. When your existing customer calls, their information will be immediately displayed on the screen. Meanwhile, when first-time customers call, you’ll be able to add their information and store it for future reference.

Yup, it’s really that simple! Now, all you have to do is:

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Now, with Caller ID, FusionPOS can help save you even more time and drive more orders than ever.