Choosing the Best EPOS System for Your Takeaway

By FusionPOS | September 22th, 2023

Choosing the Best EPOS System for Your Takeaway: A Recipe for Success

In today's fast-paced world, where convenience and speed are of the essence, takeaway businesses are thriving. With the ever-growing demand for takeout and delivery options, having an efficient and reliable Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system has become crucial for the success of such ventures. In this blog, we will delve into the essential features and considerations to help you choose the best EPOS system for your takeaway restaurant.

User-Friendly Interface:

First and foremost, a user-friendly interface is key. Your staff should be able to quickly learn how to operate the EPOS system without extensive training. Look for a system that offers an intuitive layout, easy navigation, and touch-screen capabilities. This ensures smooth and efficient order processing during peak hours.

Integration Capabilities:

Modern takeaway operations rely on various platforms and services, such as online ordering, delivery apps, and inventory management systems. Your EPOS system should seamlessly integrate with these services to streamline operations. Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and provides real-time information on sales and inventory.

Mobile Ordering and Payment:

In today's mobile-driven world, customers expect the convenience of ordering and paying through their smartphones. Choose an EPOS system that supports mobile ordering and payment options, such as mobile apps and contactless payments. This not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces wait times and increases turnover.

Inventory Management:

Effective inventory management is crucial for minimizing waste, controlling costs, and ensuring menu availability. A robust EPOS system should offer real-time tracking of inventory levels, automatic reordering of stock, and the ability to set alerts for low stock items. This helps you maintain a well-stocked kitchen and prevents running out of popular menu items.

Reporting and Analytics:

Data-driven decisions are a recipe for success in the takeaway business. Look for an EPOS system that provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. These tools can help you identify sales trends, peak hours, and popular menu items. With this information, you can adjust your menu and pricing strategies for maximum profitability.

Customization Options:

Every takeaway restaurant is unique, so your EPOS system should be customizable to suit your specific needs. Whether it's modifying the menu, creating special promotions, or adjusting order workflows, flexibility is key. An EPOS system that allows for easy customization empowers you to adapt to changing customer preferences and market conditions.

Security and Compliance:

Protecting customer data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations are non-negotiable. Your EPOS system should meet the highest security standards and comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. This builds trust with your customers and helps you avoid costly data breaches.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Building and maintaining strong customer relationships is essential for repeat business and brand loyalty. Look for an EPOS system that includes CRM features, such as customer databases, loyalty programs, and the ability to capture customer preferences. Personalized experiences can go a long way in retaining customers.


As your takeaway business grows, your EPOS system should be able to scale with you. Whether you're opening new locations or expanding your menu, your EPOS system should adapt to accommodate these changes seamlessly. Scalability ensures that your technology doesn't become a bottleneck to your growth.

Customer Support and Training:

Last but not least, consider the level of customer support and training provided by the EPOS system provider. A responsive and knowledgeable support team can be a lifesaver when technical issues arise. Additionally, comprehensive training materials and resources ensure that your staff can make the most of the system's features.

In conclusion, the success of your takeaway business hinges on the right EPOS system. It's the secret ingredient that ensures smooth operations, satisfied customers, and a healthy bottom line. By considering the factors mentioned above and carefully researching your options, you can choose the best EPOS system that caters to your specific needs and sets you on the path to takeaway success.