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By FusionPOS | May 25th, 2022

Cloud POS Vs Traditional POS For Restaurants

A restaurant POS system is more of a need and less of a luxury in the modern-day, data-driven world. If you're here, chances are you're looking to get a POS system for your restaurant or café and are unable to decide which one of the traditional and cloud POS systems you should opt for.

Well, making this choice might seem tough at first but it's super easy if you're aware of the systems, how they operate, and what pros one has over the other.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to invest in learning about these POSs because we're going to give you a brief idea of each so you can make an informed decision.

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Overview of Traditional POS System

Ever heard about a data storage system that automatically stores your data on a local server? Well, that's what a traditional POS is –a legacy and on-prem system that's all set up on your restaurant’s site.

Such systems help your staff quickly prepare and print the tokens, bills, and receipts as well as process them easily.

The downside, however, to using this traditional POS system is that these systems are very prone to data losses, risks, and outside intervention even when the users are paying excessive up-front costs. Moreover, intense security issues and accessibility problems at times are also leading many restaurant owners to give up their trust in traditional POS and turn to Cloud POS.


  • It has low maintenance cost as the whole system is setup once.
  • This system doesn't require internet, so it's not affected by internet problems.
  • Restaurants with little IT resources and knowledge can benefit from this POS system.


  • It's a huge system that takes a lot of space in the restaurant.
  • It has an expensive one-time cost.
  • It's not easy to customize menu and pricing.
  • You cannot access data remotely.

Overview of Cloud Restaurant POS System

Unlike the traditional systems, a cloud POS allows you to store data in remote servers instead of local ones. This automates most of your restaurant functions and frees you of the reliance on physical servers on-site. To rely on a cloud POS software, you only need a strong internet connection and that does it all for you.

You can use a cloud POS service and integrate it with other web branches of your restaurant like analytics, loyalty management, and more.

This POS system also allows you to do more than just the printing and processing of your receipts. It's more of a one-man army that single-handedly can complement your entire restaurant’s functionality.


  • It has modern and advanced features.
  • It offers high-level security while being low maintenance.
  • It provides you with real-time updates without the need to be refreshed.
  • You can access the data from the comfort of your home.
  • It's a cheap alternative and is easy to set up.


  • It requires a good internet connection.
  • Staff with basic IT knowledge is required to use the system.

Which One Should You Prefer?

Well, if you cannot decide by now, consider the different features of each and choose which one will work the best for your business.

Traditional POS is a big, bulky system that takes space in your restaurant. It helps you manage most of the restaurant tasks but is not customizable.

Cloud POS, on the other hand, has changed restaurant management entirely and has made the process of managing a restaurant easier and quicker – not to forget, risk-free to a great extent.

So, let us know which system you prefer and why for your restaurant?.