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Whatever process of recycling used cooking oil you may opt for, make sure the oil doesn’t end up in sewers or water bodies. Cooking oil solidifies and can block the entire sewage system if left unattended. It’s better to onboard a credible oil collector company or a bigger restaurant that sells oil to government sustainability schemes. You can easily reduce your takeaway kitchen’s impact on the environment by installing a reliable system and avoiding shoddy service providers.

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About Fusion POS

Fusionpos Zero Commission POS

Zero Commission POS

Fusionpos Free Trial of up to 6 months

Free Trial of up to
6 months

Fusionpos Easy Online Payment Integration

Easy Online Payment Integration

Fusionpos Contactless Dining

Contactless Dining

Fusionpos Cloud based Technology

Cloud-based Technology

Founded in May 2017, FusionPOS provides a fully integrated, advanced EPOS (point-of-sale) system to restaurants and takeaways to maximize their online profits. With our zero-commission for all online orders, cloud-based online ordering, and multiple other features, your restaurant or takeaway is sure to thrive in the digital competitive market.

We believe in quality services and friendly customer support for our partners. That’s why we have introduced a POS system that is reliable, affordable, packed with lots of unique features and top-notch customer support to make sure you get the best solution to run your business smoothly and efficiently.