Enable Contactless Dining for your restaurant Give your restaurant diners the top two factors which they look for dinein Safety Assurance & Hygiene

How Contactless Dining Works?

Our Contactless dining solution will enable your restaurant to offer a contactless menu, orders & payment to your dine in guests.

Contactless Menu

Guests can scan the QR code on their tables using their smartphone and access the restaurant’s menu. This way contact with a laminated or paper menu card is completely avoided.

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Contactless Order

The guests can select the food items from the digital menu and add it to the cart for ordering. Any suggestions or descriptions can also be added for the order. The items can be modified or added to the order at any time.

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Contactless Payment

Finally, the bill can be paid directly from the web link using mobile wallet. This offers convenience and additional safety to the guests.

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We at FusionPOS, are proactively working to help your Restaurant bounce back faster by adopting our technology based safety solution- CONTACTLESS DINING. Our contactless dining feature is the right solution from start to finish to provide a safe dine-in experience to your guests.
We will be happy to help you understand how our Contactless Dining works

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  • Chef Screen
  • NO Setup Fee
  • Free Branded Website
  • QR code stickers on the tables
  • Contactless order and pay options
  • Zero commission and Free for 6 months
  • Guest feedback collection on food quality
  • Menu that can be created and edited online easily
  • Expand your Customer Base through our Marketing Service
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