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By FusionPOS | Aug 07th, 2021

Food Takeaway and Delivery Safety During Covid-19 - Fusion POS

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown situations worldwide, online food ordering and takeout seem like the only options left for people who love eating out. And at the same time, we understand that restaurants registered with FusionPOS are concerned about the safety of the food ordering process due to the rapid spread of the 4th wave of coronavirus.

That’s why we practice professional and safe food carryout and delivery while ensuring reduced human interaction, so our restaurants and their customers feel safe with FusionPOS.

We take these precautions and safety measures to ensure safe food takeaway and minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread:

Contactless Takeaway to Minimize Contact Between Your Staff and Customers

Our EPOS solutions facilitate digital ordering that allows your customers to order from your restaurant or takeaway on their phones.

FusionPOS creates a dedicated website for your takeaway, allowing the customers to view your complete menu online and order from your website. The POS tracks the order and immediately sends it to your kitchen so that chefs can start preparing the food without any delay.

FusionPOS also allows contactless payment for takeaways, which means your customers can pay online without needing to exchange paper money or touch the credit card readers.

This not only reduces physical interaction but also provides ease of ordering for takeout

Contactless Dine-in to Minimize Contact Between Waiters and Guests

We provide our restaurants with a contactless dine-in system to reduce face-to-face interaction between the restaurant staff and your guests.

Your diners can get access to your contactless menu on their mobile devices by scanning the QR code on tables. They can browse through your digital menu and order directly from there. Likewise, they can pay for the selected food items online via their mobile devices.

This contactless dine-in and contactless payment system reduce the risk of touching paper menus, paper money, and other shared surfaces. It ensures reduced human interaction and reduced risk of the virus spread.

Multiple Printers to Minimize Contact Between Chef and Waiters

In addition to reducing contact between your staff and customers, FusionPOS also strives to reduce interaction between the chefs and waiters.

Keeping in mind the spread of the virus through shared items and surfaces touching, FusionPOS provides its restaurants with multiple printers. If the waiters take orders in the FusionPOS system or guests order via their mobile devices, the kitchen staff will instantly get the printed bills for all orders via printers in the kitchen.

This way, your waiters and chef can minimize the risk of touching shared surfaces, which means the reduced risk of catching the virus.

Pre-Order to Maintain Social Distancing

FusionPOS wants to ensure that social distancing is maintained when customers are waiting for their food takeaway. That is why we have introduced a pre-order system that allows your customers to order food for carryout before the restaurant opens. They’ll receive a message when your restaurant is open for takeaway.

This will minimize customers’ wait times; less crowd in waiting lines reduced the risk of covid-19 transmission. In addition to this, you can also change takeaway open or close timings with just one click in case of any unavoidable situations.

For more details or to register your restaurant or takeaway with FusionPOS, visit our website fusionpos.co.uk