Food Delivery Service Fulfilled

We are committed to provide successful on-demand
delivery services and exceeding customer

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Successful Partnership with Fusion Kitchen

This collaboration will bring FusionPOS’ unparalleled customer-centric fulfilment capabilities and omnichannel shopping experience to the customers, including on-demand, same-day, and scheduled delivery.

Seamless Integration of Delivery Service

FusionPOS builts a two-way integration
between Fusion Kitchen for seamless delivery to your

How it works

  • Online orders are directly received on your EPOS system.
  • Fusion Kitchen integration automatically assigns delivery partners nearby.
  • The delivery partner picks up the order and delivers it to your customers.
  • You can easily track your delivery driver in real time.

Effective delivery

FusionPOS provides highly efficient and scalable real-time
delivery services by partnership with Fusion Kitchen - the most
flexible delivery solution.