Driver Management

Driver Management

FusionPOS offers all the features required to manage your drivers and delivery system.

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Driver App

Driver app is a feature that allows you to track your drivers assigned with orders and your customers to track their delivery order. Hence, FusionPOS gives complete access to the takeaway owner and your valuable customers.

FusionPOS Driver-App

Driver Screen / Tracking

Fusion POS provides Takeaways and Restaurants with driver assigning options in the system, for the Business owners to easily see the locations of drivers and deliveries in real-time, assign the orders in a single click, and manage their deliveries efficiently, easily and continuously!

Now, Fusion POS also provides the Business owners and the Customers to view their delivery progress in real-time on their online ordering website, allowing them to communicate with Takeaways and with the drivers.

FusionPOS Driver-Screen

Driver Takings

FusionPOS helps you to organize the drivers and the orders assigned to them with a Driver Report / Driver Takings.

The driver report encloses details like the number of drivers on delivery duty, how many cash orders and card orders which each driver holds, total value of the cash / card order etc. With this report, managing your drivers and the delivery orders become effortless.

FusionPOS Driver-takings

Delivery Directions

FusionPOS avoids delay in delivery of orders due to driver’s uncertainty. We provide your drivers with an explicit map direction of where the order has to be delivered.

This delivery direction guides your driver with a route map and a brief description of the route map is given printed in the driver’s hand. Hence, FusionPOS thinks about each and every aspect of your food business and improvises the needs.

FusionPOS Delivery-Directions

Delivery Area Control

Delivery area control is maintained for your food business by FusionPOS. You can specify whether you want to deliver your orders on account of radius or postcode and even mention the delivery charge depending on the distance you cover for each delivery.

FusionPOS Delivery-Area-Control


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