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By FusionPOS | Dec 17, 2020

Easy Reports To Analyse Your Business Metrics

Like any other business, restaurant or takeaway management can be quite challenging, especially if you do not collect and analyze sufficient data to track the progress with appropriate takeaway software. It is important to keep in mind that the food industry is a highly competitive industry due to which it is important for restaurants to keep bringing innovation to stand out from the competition.

However, innovation is only possible when you have enough resources and suitable strategies to analyze business metrics and make smart decisions about future working procedures.

The business metrics are much more than just profits and operating costs. Instead, it includes analyzing and calculating different business metrics to take the right action and decision. Here are some of the ways in which FusionPOS- Takeaway software helps takeaways and restaurants in user-friendly report generation to analyze different business metrics:

Order Management

It is quite understandable that if you are extremely busy taking orders in your takeaway or restaurant, you will not have the time to manually manage the orders and maintain thorough records. Therefore, FusionPOS provides a comprehensive order management feature that facilitates you in bookkeeping.

It includes the feature of generating an order report in which you are able to see all of the orders that you take. This data is essential as you can rely on it for future references such as taxation and revenue evaluation.

You can easily print or email the entire report and get important information like the total amount of money earned from the orders, the number of rejected orders, popularly sold meals, and much other such information. The data is presented in a clear and efficient manner so that you can easily view and analyze it.

Driver Report

Managing the drivers is an essential part of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and quick order fulfillment. Hence, FusionPOS provides a unique feature of generating driver reports that allow you to organize the drivers and the orders given to them.

The driver report is basically a thorough report that consists of details like the number of active drivers, number of cash and card orders, total value, and delivery timings. The purpose of collecting this information is to help your restaurant enhance the food delivery process. Such a feature not only improves the quality and efficiency of your services but also plays an important role in increasing customer retention and facilitating the drivers.

Driver Screen

Drivers can also access the driver screen feature to view the delivery order details that help them in delivering on time. Details like the customer's name and live location are provided. The good thing is that this feature has a user-friendly design so anyone can use it.

The ultimate goal of providing these features is to help restaurants and takeaways in tracking the progress of various aspects of their business and making any required changes to improve their services. Without proper analysis of the business metrics, restaurants will be moving blindly in the highly-competitive food industry which can adversely affect them in the long-term.

Therefore, you can fully rely on FusionPOS for an online food ordering system and to analyze all of the important business metrics in a reliable, quick, and straightforward way for your pizza takeaway or chinese takeaway software.