Online and In-Store Food Experience

By FusionPOS | August 25th, 2023

5 Steps to Elevate Your Online and In-Store Food Experience

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Invest in the future of your business by offering online ordering, collection, and delivery. This guide shares 5 steps to help you set up, maximize your profits, and discover the best platform to sell food online.

The Online Food Delivery Market is Booming

The online food delivery market has doubled in size over the last 6 years, reaching an impressive worth of £11.4 billion in the UK alone. In the age of contactless dining, delivery and click-and-collect have become essential components of food service – customers expect these options as standard.

Unlock the Potential of Online Ordering

Results reveal that online ordering can yield significant returns for businesses. In some instances, it can boost the conversion of new customers into loyal diners by an impressive 61%.

Step 1: Invest in High-Quality Visuals

With online food businesses, enticing descriptions and alluring photographs of your dishes are crucial to persuade customers to explore your menu. Remember these tips:

  • Use standardized images of each dish, representing how it appears on the menu.
  • Pair straightforward dish names and descriptions with appealing images.
  • Ensure the photo lives up to the description expectations – professional photography is recommended.

Enlist Professional Food Photographers

Collaborate with niche photographers who can bring your brand vision to life through captivating menu images. Consider these recommendations:

  • Ezra Pollard: Based in Rhode Island, U.S.
  • Robin Goodland: Based in Dorset, England.
  • Kitti Gould: Based in Sydney, AU.

Step 2: Categorize Your Online Menu

Ensure a seamless customer experience by categorizing your online menu just as you would in-house. Focus on clarity and functionality for both mobile and desktop browsing. Consider reliable platforms like Fusion POS Online Ordering for a user-friendly setup.

Step 3: Tempting Promotions

Offering promotions can draw attention to your online delivery service. Meaningful incentives enhance customer experience and often provide great returns. Consider promising fast delivery or discounts for late deliveries to build trust and satisfaction.

Step 4: Leverage Marketing Services

Boost your business's visibility with online marketing services. Integrations like Fusion POS Online Ordering allow direct orders via your website or Google Business profile. This increases traffic and fosters a better brand connection among customers.

Why Fusion POS Online Ordering?

  • Save 96% on costs compared to external platforms.
  • Embed links into social media for direct business growth.
  • Automate orders to reduce human errors.
  • Decrease employee costs by an average of 30%.

Step 5: Streamline with POS

FusionPOS offers state-of-the-art POS systems to streamline your operations. Host your delivery service on your point of sale system to gain insightful customer behavior data for informed decisions.

Advance Your Business with Fusion POS

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