Integrate your online orders directly with Fusion delivery partners

Fusion collaborates with Stuart, a last-mile delivery company, for smooth integration. By leveraging the Stuart API, Fusion automates the process of sending your orders to Stuart's system, ensuring efficient delivery management.

About our delivery partner?

Our delivery partner, Stuart, is a trusted last-mile delivery company known for its seamless integration with our system. With the help of the Stuart API, orders placed through our platform are effortlessly transferred to the Stuart system for efficient delivery management. Stuart offers a variety of delivery services, including on-demand and scheduled deliveries, ensuring that your orders reach customers promptly and reliably. We have chosen Stuart as our delivery partner for their expertise in the field and their commitment to providing excellent delivery solutions.

By integrating your Fusion POS online ordering with our delivery partner, you are effectively bringing all the key aspects together into one system. For customers, it means they can make orders through your Fusion-powered website or app and the delivery component is taken care of seamlessly within this - it’s all one process.


Key Features:

  • On-Demand Deliveries: Utilize on-demand delivery services to power your restaurant's delivery operations, ensuring quick and efficient order fulfillment.
  • Automated Dispatch: Enjoy the convenience of drivers/riders being automatically dispatched to your location, streamlining the delivery process and reducing manual effort.
  • Stuart GPS Navigation: Benefit from the Stuart GPS navigation system, which offers step-by-step directions to drivers/riders, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.

How else can Stuart
help you?

Stuart offers a delivery solution that is both fast and flexible, perfectly suited for your restaurant's needs. Through the integration of Stuart's API into your website, you gain direct access to their fleet, allowing you to instantly expand and optimize your delivery capabilities, ensuring efficient scaling of your delivery operations.


How does it work?

Once a new order is placed within your store, Fusion sends a notification to Stuart who will dispatch a delivery driver to your store.

Stuart will be asked to collect the order 15 minutes before the requested delivery time. This is the default option but can be modified.

Take the stress out of delivery management

Easily manage your delivery orders with Fusion POS system and driver app.

  • Organise all your delivery orders from one screen.
  • See which drivers are working and instantly assign them orders.
  • Know where your drivers are with real time tracking from your POS.

Keep your customers in the loop

Getting busy? Instantly update your expected delivery and collection times directly on your POS screen.

  • Update collection & delivery times for customers to see on your app & website.
  • Set customer expectations and reduce complaints about late deliveries.
  • Stay organised during peak times and don’t let your kitchen get backed up.

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