FusionPOS Payment Terminal Machine

Takeaway and Restaurant
Payment Terminal Machine

FusionPOS Card Terminal machine comes with a Contactless feature for Contactless payment and thereby is an ultimate smart terminal which exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Get more than a Payment
Terminal with FusionPay

A faster way

We make online payments quick & easy. It’s battery-powered and connects with your point of sale application over Bluetooth for easy, on-the-go use

Safe and Secure

World-class fraud prevention comes with end-to-end encryption (E2EE) out of the box and is also point-to-point encryption (P2PE) ready.

The UK’s Best PTM

We process 26 million transactions per day. FusionPay provides unified online and in-person payments, and deep integration with Billing, Connect, and more.

FusionPOS Payment Terminal with FusionPay
FusionPOS BBPOS WisePad

How does it work?

Fusion Card Terminal machine combines the full features of Stripe, our globally renowned payments partner, all in a sleek and compact design. The BBPOS WisePad, in a hand-held terminal, an entire point of sale to support your business.

It abstracts your customer’s card data, authentication data, and transaction data while partnering with its gateway to provide safe and secure payment solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We offer mobility, high speed via 4G or Wi-Fi & secure payments. It works effectively with Bluetooth connectivity

FusionPOS Card Terminal machine
FusionPOS PTM Anytime Anywhere

Anytime Anywhere

Our card terminal device for all takeaways and restaurants comes integrated with Stripe. Hence, all online transactions are processed within a single account.

Flexibility with Payments

We provide payment terminals with various modes to order. Fast and multiple modes of payment, so when it comes to money- you are never out of it.

FusionPOS Flexibility with Payments