Marketing is the key to the success of a business. Unlock this key with free marketing services provided by FusionPOS.

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FusionPOS Offline-SMS

Offline SMS

In case when the delivery or collection orders are received via phone call, a SMS is sent to the customers with the order details and also for promoting to order via your branded website or app.

This feature allows the customers to know about the online ordering through your website or app and allows hassle free business. This way you can accept and receive more orders via website and app rather than wasting time on receiving orders through phone calls and missing other orders.

Social Media Pages

We help you in branding your takeaway/restaurant in social media pages like facebook, twitter & Google Plus. This feature is exclusively offered by FusionPOS for the purpose of marketing. We create the page and also give the access to you, so that you are free to advertise your new offers and deals.

FusionPOS Social-Media-Pages

Basic SEO

FusionPOS offers you basic SEO. This feature will help you get ranked in the first page of google search engine, which is especially for marketing purposes. Hence, along with an integrated online ordering and epos system, we also help with marketing your takeaway.

FusionPOS Basic-SEO

Free email marketing

FusionPOS supports you in email marketing for free. Fusion POS Software allows you to save all the customer details you require. By using this customer database, you can send email to all the customers at the click of a mouse. If the customer requests to not receive any promotional emails then in that case there is an option of Do not disturb-DND where that particular customer will no longer receive such emails from your side.

FusionPOS Free-email-marketing

Customer database

FusionPOS provides you with a much needed feature, (i.e.) to manage your own customer database.

Our system helps you save all the customer details like name, address, phone no, e-mail id, total no. of orders taken by a customer, etc. This will eventually help you in widening your business through sms and e-mail marketing. A third party will never enclose the customer details for your marketing, but FusionPOS helps you build your own website and do your business with freedom.

At the click of a button, showcase your new deals and offers to your hard earned customers.

FusionPOS Customer-database

Free email account

FusionPOS generates an info email account for your business with your own domain name so that the customers can reach you through it to share their suggestions and reviews and also table bookings can be taken through this info account.

FusionPOS Free-email-account

Customer reviews

Customers can leave reviews on your website. Plus you can pick and choose the reviews that you want to display on the website. There is no better feedback than the one provided directly by your customers. Allow your customers to post reviews about your food directly on your online ordering website.

How can the customers leave reviews? Whenever they order food from your branded website, they can pay you back by informing you about what is great in your business and what could use a bit of improvement.

Will all the reviews be made public? No. The reviews are controlled by the business owner and published on the website. If there are any negative messages, you can simply delete them and they will not appear on your branded website.

Customer reviews feature provide opinion to the possible customers about your service by reading the reviews posted by your regular customers. Customers providing a positive opinion about your company adds great plus to your business. You do not have to boast about your services; let your customers do it for you!

FusionPOS Customer-Reviews


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