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By FusionPOS | May 5th, 2021

Things to know how to get engaged with commission-free services

Struggling hard to survive the industry with the COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing concerns?

You are not alone!

Generally, the following are the ten most important features that should be included in the online ordering system of your restaurant:

Because with the pandemic at large, there is a good chance that people won’t be turning to dine out anytime soon.

People are now preferring online ordering.

That means you must start using online ordering systems for food takeaway and delivery.

Quick Order Processing

However, those are not cheap by any means.

Huge commission fees and extra costs will bring down your profits in the blink of an eye.

This is where you think of restaurant takeaway software with zero commissions. Such a dream, right?

But that’s just possible with commission-free takeaway services like FusionPOS .

Reasons Why You Need Zero Commission Services?

To understand why you need no-commission services, let’s look at a few reasons below.

1. Fewer Costs, More Revenues

It is difficult to make ends meet for small restaurants.

You don’t have the budget to afford expensive takeaway software.

And while you may make the most amazing dishes in the kitchen, the level of skill won’t necessarily translate into your online order management skills.

That is where commission-free services like Fusion POS come into action.

They offer you a convenient ordering platform without needing to spend huge bucks.

And since the commission is zero, you can make most of the revenues from your business.

2. Convenient Order Processing

The food ordering process is made easy with online ordering platforms.

Your customers can make the order in just a few clicks and the takeaway service provider will aid in managing your order flow.

The best thing is the whole process takes place without interfering with your core operations.

3. Free Marketing

Using renowned online takeaway software such as FusionPOS , you don’t have to incur extra costs for marketing.

When website and app users of the platform search for restaurants in their vicinity, your business will automatically be recommended to them.

4. Track Your Data

You can also get reports from the systems to see how your business is doing in monetary terms.

With these platforms, you can find out the number of orders you are getting per month to calculate the revenue generated by your business.

5. Get Error Free Orders Each Time

Anytime you make an upgrade to your menu, you can upload it on the online system.

This way, your customers will know what is available to order. And they won’t be dissatisfied by placing an order for an obsolete food item.

Looking for a Zero Commission Takeaway Service? Consider Fusion POS

With Fusion POS, there is no hassle of extra or hidden costs.

You only have to pay a flat shipping fee every week. Thus, their zero-commission service will help you save cash.

Moreover, their mobile-friendly website and dedicated mobile app make it convenient for people to place orders with your restaurant.

for people to place orders with your restaurant. FusionPOS is a company that makes no compromise when it comes to quality. And that too with no commissions!

If you want to use a takeaway software that doesn’t break the bank, sign-up today for a free demo .