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By FusionPOS | Sep 29th, 2020

Impact of Food Pre-Order Feature at Takeaways

The role of technology in the restaurant industry is rapidly increasing. As a result, the owners and managers need to be familiar with the latest technology and features that are revolutionizing the food industry. The Pre-order feature offered by FusionPOS and Fusion Kitchen is one of the latest features that can increase sales and maximize customer satisfaction.

Generally, pre-order is a kind of expansion of the reservation feature. Currently, most of the restaurants offer the customers to contact them in advance and reserve the tables through the online ordering website provided by FusionPOS.

Pre-order feature allows the customers to place the order online in advance even before the takeaway/restaurant has opened.The pre-order feature offered by Fusion Kitchen is designed to cater to different kinds of requirements. If the consumers want to place an order at a restaurant/takeaway in advance, they can use Fusion Kitchen website or the online ordering website of the takeaway and select the time when they want to get their meal. The ordered food will be delivered or made available for collection during the working hours.

Some of the benefits of the pre-order feature are:

Serving More People

By pre-ordering the delivery or collection orders, the restaurants can receive and process the orders in bulk. This way the takeaways can manage their delivery and collections orders eliminating any errors and delayed service. Pre-orders eliminate process delays because the restaurants will already be aware of the customers' orders and provide quick services. If the customers use Fusion Kitchen to place an order for a particular date in advance and want to collect the order by themselves, they can simply go to the restaurant during its working hours at the decided time and collect the order without waiting for a considerable amount of time. As a result, pre-orders will ensure the smooth flow of the customers. The orders will be collected or delivered from the restaurants on a pre-decided time, allowing the smooth functioning of the restaurant. The customer will also be satisfied with speedy and efficient services.

Attract Busy People

The majority of the people have hectic lives that often make it challenging for them to cook food. As a result, busy people will also get the chance to order their food beforehand in advance and enjoy their meals with the pre-order feature that cuts down the delivery and collection waiting time as both the restaurant and customer will know a particular time for food delivery. It means pre-ordering allows the restaurants and takeaways to provide excellent customer service to all kinds of customers and increase sales.

Better Service

The Pre-order feature also dramatically benefits the staff of the restaurant and takeaways. They will be able to organize their time and work more efficiently and be more productive in offering reliable services. Moreover, the staff will easily handle a larger number of customers because they will already be aware of the order's schedule. Hence, the overall services will play a huge role in making the customers happy and making them come back to the restaurant to enjoy professional service.


The importance of technology and apps in the restaurant and food delivery industry cannot be understated. The benefits discussed above are some of the many ways in which a pre-order feature can benefit a diner. With the pre-order feature of Fusion Kitchen and FusionPOS, the customers and restaurants have nothing to lose as it has several advantages and will ultimately bring more customers and sales, along with maximizing customer satisfaction.