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By FusionPOS | Nov 16th, 2020

Importance of Branded Website & App For Restaurants

Like every other major industry, the food and restaurant industry is also going through a digital transformation. As a result, it is important for food chains and restaurants to keep up with the evolving requirements and bring innovation in their business models. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that having a personalized website and App has become a necessity for restaurants/takeaways. FusionPOS gives their client’s a unique online ordering website and App with zero commission on the orders they receive through the website. Other third party delivery and online ordering websites take half of the profits from the restaurant owners in the name of commission. As having an online ordering website has become a necessity, FusionPOS is the best solution during these difficult periods.

Here are some of the ways in which having your own branded website and app can greatly help during these challenging times:

Rising Trend of Home Delivery

The trend of home delivery has always been popular but the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted it to a whole new level since takeaways and home deliveries are the only option available in most places. Moreover, on-demand food delivery provides quick gratification to customers that are looking for an instant solution to their hunger pangs.

Moreover, customers are also now preferring takeaways and restaurants that are making use of modern technological advancements to provide modern services. Restaurants can promote and advertise their services and products via channels like an official website and App assisted completely by FusionPOS. Such platforms allow restaurants to give complete information about their services and allow customers to place the order quickly.


Undoubtedly, hospitality is a highly competitive industry. It is important for restaurants to establish their brand and take suitable measures to enhance its overall reputation. Websites and applications allow food chains to improve their branding and reach a wider audience. They are helpful in reaching more customers because the entire purpose of an application or website is to make the processes easier for the customers and offer a user-friendly interface to navigate the food menu and place their order which is the best feature of a website provided by FusionPOS.

Basic Information

A website and App are also essential for restaurants/takeaways to convey basic information like location, timing, menu, booking table for dine in, and discounted deals to the customers. Most of the customers nowadays tend to search for a restaurant before visiting it. So, if you do not have a website for your business, it can create a negative impact on the customers.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials have a significant impact on all types of businesses, including restaurants. Having your own branded website and app allows you to include customer testimonials and attract more customers. If you are running a highly-successful restaurant, there is a very high chance that a popular publication might have reviewed your restaurant. Therefore, you can add this review to your website to build more credibility.

Outsmart Competitors

We have already established the fact that the hospitality industry is a highly competitive industry. It simply means that you should be willing to adopt all of the efficient strategies available to survive in this industry. Having your own branded website and App play a critical role in outsmarting your competitors and establishing a renowned brand for your business.

It is important to realize the fact that many restaurants and food chains are able to attract a huge number of customers by providing a quick and user-friendly method of ordering food online via few clicks on the App and social media accounts. In such situations, it is quite evident that having an online presence should not be an optional for you. Instead, you should treat it as a necessity, especially during these unprecedented times.