By FusionPOS | Sep 15th, 2020

Importance of FusionPOS EPOS system

There are numerous challenges in running a successful restaurant. However, such challenges can be mitigated by implementing an effective and reliable EPOS (Electronic Point-of-Sale) System. FusionPOS provides a highly efficient EPOS System that allows the food chains to manage their sales, deliveries, and other essential aspects from a single platform.

An EPOS system like FusionPOS is highly beneficial due to the following reasons:

Receipts Management

Working at a restaurant or a takeaway can be quite exhausting because the entire staff, including the owner, have to deal with a lot of people and different situations on a daily basis. As a result, you are more likely to commit mistakes, especially when you try to achieve maximum work in a limited amount of time. However, FusionPOS EPOS System reduces the risk of human errors.

FusionPOS helps restaurants and takeaway services to fully manage their receipts. There are several options to add in a receipt, such as the time of the delivery, the staff's name, unique order number, and details about discounts or tips. Every restaurant can set their own preferences depending on their requirements.

Table Management

FusionPOS has a table management module that allows restaurants to manage the number of tables in a restaurant and select a suitable arrangement for it. The software allows you to easily remove or add the tables and reserve them for particular customers. Overall, the FusionPOS system covers every essential aspect of table management.

Chef Screen to Facilitate the Chefs

This modern EPOS system has a designated module for the chefs as well. They can view the current orders on screen to go through the online orders as well. It is an essential feature for the restaurants and takeaways because it helps the chefs in better coordination and management of the orders.

Quick and Efficient

Quick and efficient services are bound to enhance the reputation of your restaurant. An EPOS system will help you in ensuring that every table is served on time with a suitable order. It will increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, an option of split bill allows to break down the entire bill into equal number of diners when required. FusionPOS also displays other details like the time of food delivery, order time, waiting time, and other such information.

Pre-order Feature

The customers can order the food for delivery even before a restaurant is opened. It allows the customers to set a particular time and date when they need the food. Similarly, the restaurants also get the delivery schedule in advance that improves their delivery time. Customers can choose the option of both deliveries or collecting the food during the working hours of the restaurant. The order is placed through the online ordering website of the restaurants and is intimated at their EPOS system.

Easy Reporting

FusionPOS allows the restaurants to generate and share the report in real-time. As a result, the time and quality of decision-making and planning are greatly improved. Moreover, the FusionPOS system is helpful in analyzing the entire order report and also the driver report.


FusionPOS EPOS system is a highly efficient and reliable system that improves your business manifold. It allows you and your consumers to easily access the menu and send orders directly to the kitchen. It is a comprehensive tool that helps restaurants in many different ways. Order management, driver management, managing menus, and Fusion Suite App are some of the many advantages and features that the restaurants can enjoy through FusionPOS .