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By FusionPOS | Mar 10th, 2021

What is the Importance of Google in Running a Restaurant?

Google is certainly the most popular search engine in the world. Majority of the users rely on Google to search for a lot of different things, including hotels and restaurants. Therefore, the importance of Google in making your restaurant successful cannot be understated.

In this article, you will get to know about the importance of Google My Business (GMB) for your restaurant and how you can use GMB to benefit your business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows business owners to promote their businesses via Google. All you have to do is create a business profile of your restaurant and connect with the customers via Google.

Following are some of the many in which Google My Business benefit your restaurant:

Stand-out in the Competition

The food industry is a highly-competitive industry. It is extremely important that you utilize all of the available tools and resources to make your business successful by standing out from the crowd. For this purpose, you should be promoting your restaurant on Google to make sure the potential customers are able to find your restaurant with a few clicks and FusionPOS helps you in this process.

Attract New Customers

Google plays a critical role in expanding the customer base of your restaurant by attracting new customers. With the help of GMB listings, you are able to lure in customers who are new in the area. For instance, if you are running a Chinese restaurant in the area and if somebody searches for such a restaurant on Google, then the potential customer will get to know about your restaurant..


A huge majority of the people look at online menus before ordering food from a restaurant, especially a newly-established one. Therefore, your restaurant should definitely be using the feature of adding menu on GMB to attract and engage more customers. You can even add a direct link to your menu page from the website designed by FusionPOS , which will improve the chances of converting the potential customer into loyal customers.

Photos and Videos

Adding photos and videos of your restaurant is one of the most effective ways of grabbing people’s attention. You can add visual media in your GMB listing to attract the potential customers. Such visual can be of anything like food, the interior of your restaurant, and any other special event that you might have held.


Many business owners often do not use the feature of adding posts in GMB. However, it is a highly beneficial feature because you can add it to create and share different updates with the people who are looking for your restaurant at Google. For instance, you can add details about any upcoming events and any other general. The purpose of such posts is to engage the customers and make them loyal customers of your restaurants. Food posters with offers can be designed free for your business by the design team from FusionPOS .

It is quite evident that having a presence on Google will be highly beneficial for your restaurant. Your google my business will be managed by the marketing team from FusionPOS . This will help you in attracting more customers and expanding your customer base because they will be able to easily find you on Google.