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By FusionPOS | Dec 19th, 2022

Benefits of Having a Customer Loyalty Feature for a Takeaway / Restaurant

What is a loyalty feature?

A loyalty feature is a system which offers customers rewards, discounts and special gifts such as food items. It’s a great way to attract and retain customers.

Loyalty features are designed to encourage repeat visits, repeat customers, and reward loyalty with points that can be redeemed with free food items.

A loyalty feature works by registering how many times a person returns to your restaurant, and the rewards can be dealt with the scenario, once an individual has visited a certain number of times. they are rewarded with something like a menu item for free.

Why is the loyalty feature so important in the restaurant industry?

Although marketing your business in order to gain new customers is important, it is easier and more effective to retain customers than it is to get new customers. Plus, did you know that it costs about five times more to attract a new customer than to retain one?

Not to mention that loyal customers can actually help you reach new customers. When your business has an established base of loyal customers, you essentially have free marketing advocates walking around town. In fact, 68% of consumers are likely to recommend a company based on a good experience. If your returning customers enjoy your restaurant, word will get out and you will have new customers rushing your doors to try your delicious food.

Overall, customer loyalty is integral to the success of the restaurant business as it increases profit margins, allows for sustainable growth, and gives businesses access to key customer data.

Improves Customer Retention:

Build a section on your website

As always, your website must represent your business. If you are a business that serves great food and whose servers are kind and friendly, the loyalty feature might just be that extra push that first-time customers need to come back. One of the most obvious benefits of a loyalty feature is that it allows restaurant owners to boost their orders. If you are able to increase customer loyalty by just 5%, you can increase your overall profit anywhere between 25 and 95%. The objective of a loyalty feature is to incentivize customers to regularly order at your restaurant and spend money in order to benefit from exclusive rewards.

The idea of a restaurant loyalty program for your own business has been on your mind for a while now because let’s be honest, every restaurant has one, and consumers that are part of high-performing loyalty programs increase 2x their orders.

Overall Benefits

Loyalty programs create a personal relationship between a restaurant and its customers. This personal relationship is encouraged by opt-in messaging and QR scanning—that is, instead of being constantly bombarded with information (which is the downfall of many other marketing programs), the customer decides what information they want and when.

It all goes back to your customers.

Being the first restaurant that comes into their minds when they go out for a special night or just to break the monotony is a huge advantage.

So, keep going!