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By FusionPOS | Oct 9th, 2020

Modern Driver Management Feature

FusionPOS has a unique driver management system that offers several functionalities and benefits. Modern applications, tools, and technology are impacting the food industry and restaurants in several ways. It is only fair that the delivery drivers are facilitated with the help of a well-designed app that helps them in numerous ways.

Salient Features:

Fusion Drive App is a comprehensive tool to manage the delivery drivers and help them in quick and efficient food delivery. Some of its most prominent features are:

Complete Order Details

Unlike in many other delivery apps, the drivers can see comprehensive delivery order details that facilitate them to deliver the orders on the exact location at the right time. Such details consist of the customer's name, contact number, address, and GPS location.


The driver management module has a user-friendly design that allows the drivers to quickly navigate through the app and view the required information. It can easily be downloaded from both the Apple iOS store and Google Play Store.


One of our driver app's unique features is that it supports multiple orders by showing multiple locations on the map. They can deliver more than one order at once, which minimizes the delays and increases customer satisfaction. Live directions can be accessed with a single click on the map.


The app allows the drivers to quickly view thorough reports about the total number of deliveries and the amount of money earned. It helps in record keeping and quick analysis.


Driver management enhances the overall quality of the food delivery services provided by a restaurant.

Increase Customer Retention

Late food deliveries dramatically decrease the chances of retaining customers. If the restaurant or the delivery driver was not able to deliver the food on time, it is unlikely that the customer will order from that place again. The driver management feature ensures that the food is delivered on time by using live locations. Hence, the minimum delivery time will expand the restaurant's loyal customer base.

Customer Satisfaction

Delivery tracking is a modern and efficient way of maximizing customer satisfaction. The customers will be able to keep track of their food throughout the delivery process and hence, will not be anxious about any possible late delivery.

Better Management

With our efficiently-designed driver app, the delivery drivers can easily manage the orders and avoid mixing them up. They will have complete information about the customer and will be able to deliver it quickly in the right place.


The managers and restaurant owners will find the driver management system to be very user-friendly. They can easily track the progress of the drivers and add or delete them. Moreover, the owners will have complete access to full reports about the number of orders delivered by a driver and how much money they have to return.