Order Management

Order Management

Main factor for customer satisfaction is delivering the right order at the right time. FusionPOS helps you manage your online orders.

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Order Waiting Time

You can inform your customers of an accurate waiting time when they place a food order online. You can also change the waiting time in your system and that will automatically be updated on your branded website.

How does the system work? Firstly, your customer needs to place their order online. Then, according to your estimations you can set a given time on the website. When the customer accesses your website; the electronic clock will be displayed instantly, showing the time indicating the waiting time for collection and delivery. Every minute is important for the well being of your business, so spend your time wisely and gain some extra time whenever you can.

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As a business owner, you can have complete control over handling incoming orders. When you accept an online order from your customer, you have the option of informing the customer how long it might take for the food to be delivered or ready for collection.

During peak time of the restaurant; if you reject an online order from your customer, you can also specify a reason for the same. This would reduce the amount of unwanted calls of customers enquiring on the order status. When you respond to an online order, the customer will be emailed with your response automatically!

FusionPOS Accept_reject-orders

Stop Fake Order

Are you wasting your valuable time on fake orders and getting disappointed? FusionPOS helps you to eradicate all the fake orders and stops it from reoccurring.

When you identify an order to be a fake one, FusionPOS helps you to just block the customer and ensure that order is never received again from that particular ID.

Hence, with FusionPOS you need not spend your valuable time on fake orders.

FusionPOS Stop-Fake-orders

Late Order Notification

Is there a delay in your delivery due to some reason? Just intimate your customer with a late order notification and make your customer calm.

The late order notification of FusionPOS helps you generate an SMS message by just a click. You need to mention only the time of delivery and the content for the delay will be generated by the system.

This will help you be genuine to your customers and retain them.

FusionPOS Late-order-notification


Preorder is a feature offered by our takeaway software where your customer can order his food for delivery or collection even before your store opens.

This will be convenient for your customers as they need not wait for the takeaway opening time. They just need to place the order with the collection or delivery time. Our software will take the order and show it up as a new alert message once you open the takeaway.

FusionPOS Preorder

Auto Order Accept

If your staff is busy with in store and table orders. Our takeaway software provides you with an auto order accept feature. When you enable this feature, the online orders that come to your epos, get accepted automatically and the orders will be printed.

FusionPOS Auto-Order-Accept

Cancel Order

Any unavoidable situation at the takeaway and wish to cancel the order? You can now easily cancel the order by click of a button and if it’s a paid order, refund will be processed. This order will further not appear in your order report as well.
We are always there at every step for our business partners.

FusionPOS Cancel-Order

Receive Order Notification

Our takeaway software supports you by sending notifications in the form of SMS and emails to the info mail-id you have for your restaurant.

This feature of FusionPOS will help you get notifications of reserve/enquiry messages, feedback messages and order messages. If there is an issue in accepting orders in your system, this feature will help you get orders through SMS or email. Hence, FusionPOS supports you in your struggles.

FusionPOS Receive-Order-Notification


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