Food Ordering System

How It Works

Receive Online Orders from your Ordering Online Website for Free and Never Pay Commission!!
Our Free Online Ordering System helps small takeaway and restaurant businesses to be more successful. We have created a very simple platform that doesn’t need you to spend more on hardware or weekly rentals. We have made our system ABSOLUTLY FREE of cost.
Your customers are online, Go Online and boost your business sale. It is super easy to Sign up for your free account with Fusion POS, while your customers will love the convenience of this food ordering system.

No Hardware Required

You do not need a special device to receive online orders. Just use your smartphone to receive orders online on your Smart phone or Tablet.

Receive Instant Push Notification or Order alter on your mobile or tablet, every time your customers place an order from your Free Takeaway Website.


Partner App Features

  1. Amazing Design

    We Love to Offer Professional Design with Best Technology

  2. Order Details

    Get All the Order details including Name, Phone Number, Address and Receipt Number

  3. Any Device

    Any Smartphone (IOS or Android) or a Tablet With Good Internet Becomes Your Order Receiving Device

  4. Cooking Time

    Control Your Collection and Delivery Time and Let Your Customers Know when their Order Is Ready

  1. Instant Alert

    Receive Instant sound and Visual Notification on Your Smartphone or Tablet

  2. Order Management

    Accept or Reject Orders, Your customers can View the Status on their Screen

  3. Map Direction

    Now you can get directions to your customer place and view route from your app

  4. Open / Close Takeaway

    Your Website Will Open / Close Automatically Based on Timing, But if You Want to Close on Emergency, You Can Do It in One Click

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