FusionPOS Dominos or Pizza Hut

By FusionPOS | June 1st, 2017

Pizza Franchise like Dominos or Pizza Hut has a proper Delivery system

Proper delivery system is one of the major fact of having a successful business career in the field of restaurants or takeaways. Most of the time, people order food online because they don’t want to go to the shop, choose their desired food from the menu, return home with it. That’s a huge time investment. So, every business, nowadays, support home delivery to attract more customers.

Big companies like Pizza Hut or Dominos have already set up a best delivery system for their customers. Their fast, user friendly, simple delivery system has already won the heart of every customers they served. It’s one of the main reasons for the companies to succeed in their own field.

FusionPOS helps getting restaurants their own websites

There are lots of new restaurants and takeaways emerging in the field of food business. Although they are offering food delivery, not all of them are supporting the proper delivery system to their customers.

A good delivery system satisfies a customer and makes up his mind to think about ordering food from the same restaurant again. It’s also very crucial because the customer will help spreading the name of the restaurant to his surrounding people. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the service, he won’t think twice about ordering food from the restaurant or takeaway.

In order to set up a perfect delivery system, FusionPos comes to help restaurants and takeaways. With the service of FusionPos, all the necessary tools are available to get the perfect system established.

FusionPos helps getting restaurants their own websites. A good looking website is very important to attract customers to take the service of the takeaway. FusionPos promotes the brand with optimized websites with all the features, without the help of any third party involved. There’s no need to pay to develop a website where it’s included in FusionPos’s package.

In order to get closer to the customers, nothing is better than an official app of the restaurant. This way, customers can contact with the restaurant faster. FusionPos helps with custom app for their clients.

FusionPos delivers with a first class management system as well. The owner of the restaurant can easily look over the entire system in just one dashboard. Contacting with customer, cancelling any request, accepting orders etc. all are within the grasp of the manager.

FusionPos also provides best Driver tracking App for takeaway & restaurant owners benefit. This allows the takeaway manager to track their drivers and allows their customer to know their order status online. Stops them calling takeaway during busy hours. Also Takeaway owners can assign orders to individual drivers.

Kitchen management has been easier with FusionPos. The chef can easily take a look at what to prepare for completing the order, and contact with manager as necessary or use a chef screen to make it more automated process.

With all these facilities and advantages, FusionPos greatly boosts up any restaurant business and helps save good amount of profit.