By FusionPOS | Nov 5th, 2022

QR Code Food Ordering System for Takeaways / Restaurants

QR Codes have become sort of a buzzword in the industry recently, but they are not a new technology, just how we utilise them has evolved over the last 10 years.

In the case of restaurants and takeaways, we are normally linking to a website.

QR code menus provide a self-service experience which many consumers prefer, especially in a tech-savvy society. Luckily, guests do not have to wait in queue for a long period of time to make an order.

Instead, they can scan the menu right when they enter the takeaway. Guests in a hurry do not have to worry about how long they will need to wait to get their order taken.

Prevent Queuing

We are now with an alternative solution for Self-Kiosk as a QR code ordering system. Place QR codes where customers usually queue and encourage them to order whilst queuing.

This speeds up ordering and reduces queues allowing you and your staff to have more focus on customer service and the production of orders.

How does it work?

A customer scans the QR code, browses the menu, selects the items, places the order, and pays online. This QR online ordering system is perfect for busy restaurants and fast-food places with long queues.

Allows People to order without searching for your restaurant online

People nowadays want to find a convenient way of doing things.

By generating a QR code for your website, customers will no longer have to type in and search for your restaurant online.

Customers can just scan a QR code to order from your digital menu.

Increase customers

By generating a QR code for your online ordering website, you can allow easy access to your online menu.

You can also display this QR code in different campaign materials, thus exposing your QR code to a larger audience and eventually increasing your customers.

Boost your online ordering platform

Not all the people that are aware of your physical restaurant know that you also have a delivery platform online.

By placing a QR code on your printed ads, customers will also be aware of your online ordering website once they scan it.

Display a QR code on your store

Customers can now order from your restaurant and pick it up when they have time. By displaying a QR code on your store, customers can now order without entering standing in the queue.

Customers who have important things to do and do not have the time to wait for their orders can now order by just scanning the QR code displayed on your restaurant and picking up their orders when they have time.

People who want less interaction can also order by scanning this QR code.

This way, customers will no longer have to wait in line.

QR Code Menus Are Here To Stay

The future of technology is always evolving, giving us the ability to connect with customers easily. QR code ordering has the potential to facilitate the restaurant environment, providing extra help and ease for customers. Never tried it before? Give it a shot now and look how it works tremendously. Contact 03301225960.