Receipt Management

Receipt Management

Customise your receipt in the language you require and print it exclusively for the kitchen as well.

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Order Report

When you are busy taking orders in your takeaway, you need someone to manage your orders for revenue and taxation process. Why worry? FusionPOS is on deck with you.

The order report feature will save all the orders you take and when you need it for reference, a detailed report is generated for the time period you mention. Our system also allows you to print and mail the report for your convenience. This report specifies total cash/card orders, orders rejected, hugely sold items, new customers, total order value and many as such.

FusionPOS Order -report

Manage Receipts

FusionPOS helps you to manage the receipts of the orders taken at your takeaway. You can mention the delivery time expected for the order, the staff who took the order, unique order numbers can be generated for each receipt, coupons and discounts can be enclosed in the receipt and many more.

Our takeaway software helps you enable and disable all the options listed out above. You have the flexibility to decide the look of the receipt.

FusionPOS Manage-Receipts

Multi Printers

FusionPOS presents you with multiple printers. If in case, you take the orders in an epos system located at ground floor and the kitchen is in the basement; the order taken in the epos system is also printed in the kitchen in a separate printer. But this order bill that is printed in the kitchen printer consists of only the items for the chef to prepare and not the price of the items.

Hence the order which is getting printed near the epos system is reaching the chef’s hand simultaneously.

FusionPOS Multi-Printers

Logo on Receipt

Logo on receipt is an added feature of FusionPOS. If you want your company logo to be printed on your receipt, FusionPOS gratifies you with what you need. Our takeaway software facilitates you with diverse features and services. So do not stumble, join with FusionPOS at once.

FusionPOS Logo-On-Receipts

Multiple Receipts

To print multiple receipts for any order as you may wish to keep one for your takeaway, one for the chef and one for the customer. Just mention the number of receipt copies you need on the epos system and it will get printed, thus saving your time.

FusionPOS Multiple-Receipts

Change Calculator

The change calculator feature of FusionPOS supports your staff members in calculating the change for the amount given by the customers against the receipt. This will help you in managing the orders swiftly, as you save time by avoiding the manual calculation of cash.

FusionPOS Change-Calculator

Split Bills

FusionPOS supports you by satisfying your customers with split bills. Does your customer want to share his bill amount with his friends? This feature will help you split the receipt amount into how many equal parts the customer requires by just tapping on the split button in your change calculator option.

FusionPOS Split-Bills.jpg

Label Printer

The label printer feature provided by FusionPOS allows you to print labels for individual food items in the order bill. This label can be stuck on the delivery/collection food package to avoid any confusion . This feature helps the staff to deliver the right food package to the right customers and also the customers can identify the food items seeing the labels.

FusionPOS Label-Printer


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