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Season the Cookware

Easy seasoning technique

Since commercial kitchens and restaurants are always bustling with activity, they cannot do with scratched and sticky cookware. Even if a takeaway restaurant avoids using non-stick cookware, its pans and pots still need a grease layer to work well, which brings us to this tip. Used cooking oil makes an excellent seasoning layer for stainless steel, iron, and copper cookware.

You can enjoy an exceptional non-stick cooking experience by coating a thin layer of cooking oil on pots and pans. The seasoning method is simple. You pour a few drops of cooking oil onto the cooking pot and use a rag to make a thin layer over it. Heat the cooking pot for 2-3 minutes, and you’re sorted.

This easy seasoning technique protects cookware from scratches and ensures you enjoy a non-stick cooking experience without splurging on new cookware. But since you need a very small quantity of cooking oil to season the cookware, you cannot rely on it for recycling all used cooking oil in your facility.