Smart FusionPOS Payment Processing

By FusionPOS | May 09th, 2023

Smart FusionPOS Payment Processing

An outdated, inefficient point-of-sale (POS) system can hamper your business growth and make payment tracking a complicated task. That's when FusionPOS, a cutting-edge payment processing solution, takes the lead and streamlines your business's money front.

Regardless of your business category or size, FusionPOS provides a hands-on, user-friendly POS experience so you can safely manage transactions.

Stick around to discover how FusionPOS will transform your business and take a huge task, i.e., payment processing, off your list.

How Does FusionPOS Payment Work?

FusionPOS provides an intuitive payment interface for touch screens and keyboards to ring up your sales. It lets you accept payment options like cash, credit and debit cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Security is paramount in payment processing, and FusionPOS doesn't skimp on it. This platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and tokenization technologies to safeguard sensitive customer information. FusionPOS complies with the latest PCI-DSS standards and instils confidence in business owners and customers about data safety.

You can connect FusionPOS to your accounting, inventory management, and CRM systems so all your data is synced and readily available at your fingertips. This system also comes with advanced reporting and analytics features. This means you can monitor your sales, track employee performance, and gain valuable insights into customer behaviour – all in real-time.

Key Aspects of FusionPOS

This game-changing payment processing solution boasts multiple features to streamline your sales process. Here's a look at its incredibly powerful aspects:

Charge In Person or Online

You can accept payments in person using a card reader or process transactions online via your e-commerce platform using FusionPOS. For instance, a small boutique can take advantage of the FusionPOS card reader to accept contactless payments, while a budding online store can seamlessly integrate FusionPOS into its website for smooth checkout experiences.

No Fixed Costs

Unlike other POS systems that charge hefty upfront fees and lock you into long-term contracts, FusionPOS operates on a pay-as-you-go model. This feature means you only pay a small percentage of each link transaction processed, with no hidden fees or additional costs.

Send Payment Links

The FusionPOS payment link feature enables you to generate and send a custom payment link to your customers via email, SMS, or social media. All your customer has to do is click the link and enter their payment details – no need for them to visit your website or download an app. For example, a freelance photographer can send payment links to clients for booking photo sessions, making the payment process hassle-free for both parties.

Set Custom Discounts and Offers

FusionPOS lets you create time-limited promotions, percentage-based discounts, or even buy-one-get-one-free deals to entice shoppers. For example, a restaurant owner can use FusionPOS to offer a 10% discount for customers during off-peak hours or create a special "2-for-1" pizza promotion on Tuesdays. The possibilities are endless!

Multi-Person Processing

Collaboration is key to a successful business, and FusionPOS makes teamwork a breeze with its multi-person processing feature. This functionality allows multiple team members to access and use the system simultaneously so all transactions are timely processed. For example, a busy café can have multiple staff members taking orders on separate devices using FusionPOS, speeding up service and reducing customer wait times.

Summing Up

FusionPOS is your go-to partner for navigating the ever-evolving world of commerce. Its adaptable, user-friendly features make it the perfect sidekick for your business if you want to level up your game and enhance customer satisfaction. If you're ready to leave behind the hassles of traditional payment processing and step into the future of seamless selling, it's time to join the FusionPOS family. Don't miss out on the opportunity to automate your business – try FusionPOS and make selling stress-free.