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By FusionPOS | Dec 01, 2020

Streamline Your Kitchen By Our Unique Chef Screen Feature

There is a common misconception among people that their restaurants have to be established on a large-scale or have massive value to have an efficient kitchen display screen or a reliable EPOS system. However, FusionPOS allows all types of restaurants and takeaways to enjoy a variety of features to boost their business by streamlining different aspects of the kitchen.

We are well-aware of the fact that technology is playing a critical role in innovating the business processes and allowing businesses to re-evaluate their business procedures to make it more streamlined. The food industry, especially, is enjoying the modern advancements in technology in a number of ways.

Therefore, FuturePOS consists of a unique chef screen feature that allows chefs to keep up with the orders and manage them in an efficient and reliable manner.

What is the Chef / Make-Line Screen Feature?

The Chef / Make-Line screen feature is combined with the front screen to track all of the online orders the restaurant has received on the EPOS system. The orders are properly arranged in the order of first come first serve basis. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface so any chef can use this feature without any technical training.

You can use this feature to enhance the working procedures in your kitchen and enjoy the following benefits:

Rapid Order Fulfillment

Time is of the utmost importance in the food industry. The customers want the restaurants to serve their ordered meals on an immediate basis. A successful and busy restaurant can find it challenging to operate in a hectic environment. In such difficult situations, chefs can make mistakes like mixing up the orders or not prioritizing them correctly.

Therefore, you can rely on the chef screen provided by FuturePOS to track the orders and ensure smooth order fulfillment. It allows chefs to fulfill orders on a first come first served basis, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Streamline Cooking

In traditional paper tickets, chefs used to get the information about the food order they have to prepare. On the other hand, in a user-friendly chef display screen, everything is mentioned in a clearly formatted table which helps the chefs in coordinating their work and streamlining the cooking process. Thus, chefs are able to save a significant amount of time and avoid any major mistake with the orders.

Enhance Kitchen Efficiency

If your staff is facing an issue incorrectly prioritizing the orders during peak hours, you should make use of FusionPOS and its numerous features like the chef screen. It allows the chefs to track the orders in different workstations and ensure maximum kitchen efficiency.

Reduce Waste

Traditional paper tickets are not only costly in the long-term but also result in a significant amount of waste. As a restaurant manager, you should be looking for eco-friendly solutions for all parts of a restaurant. By implementing an efficient EPOS system, you will be able to significantly cut down the waste and cost associated with paper, ink, and other such Components.


The ultimate goal of any restaurant is to fully satisfy their existing customers and attract more consumers by providing quick and high-quality products and services. We have already established the fact that using the feature of chef screen allows kitchens to improve their cooking process and streamline the entire process of fulfilling orders. Therefore, the end-result of using FuturePOS is a significant boost to customer satisfaction and hence, your overall takeout and restaurant business.