FusionPOS Takeaway Stop Paying More

By FusionPOS | June 1st, 2017

How Fusion POS Can Help Takeaway Stop Paying More Commission to Just Eat and Hungry House and Find an Alternative for JUSTEAT

For a business to grow up, making up a good amount of profit is a must. But when maintaining the business require a good amount of investment, it’s pretty hard to gain more and more profit. It’s the universal rule for all businesses.

Food business is one of the top business in the world. Restaurants, takeaways – all ¬¬fall into this category. There are many restaurants who have established a strong foundation and many are emerging. In order for them to satisfy people, they need to grow up. But when growing up require investing for intermediary services to deliver food, profit automatically shortens.

Alternative for JUSTEAT

Intermediary services like Hungry House, Just Eat, food Panda, Deliveroo etc. are very useful in the terms of food delivery. They take orders, contact the restaurants or takeaways, take the food and deliver to the customers. Pretty simple, and to get this service, you’ll have to pay commission to them.

But the commission is cut from the profit. That shortens the growth rate of the restaurants. Is there any other way that the restaurants and takeaways can save up for more profit? The simple answer is, by creating a perfect delivery system. But how can that be possible for smaller businesses?

Here comes FusionPos to help. They help you set up the perfect food delivery system very easily, the entire system in one package. Thus, they can help you ensuring more profit.

First of all, you’ll need a website for your business. It has to be catchy, must be user friendly, and should cover up all your delicious foods and mobile friendly. It also should have the perfect system set up for payment and delivery.

Not only a website, you’ll have to manage the orders, work with chefs and tell them what to cook next. Also, they have to know what items they’ll cook. Whether any item is not possible, the order has to be cancelled.

All these works are easily done with the help of FusionPos’s food delivery management software. They will create an awesome looking website for your business and provide tools to optimize for SEO to spread word about your business over the world. Payment process is also simplified with their system. Customers can easily contact about the features your restaurant or takeaway support via support team.

FusionPos implements a simple interface where you can manage your entire system easily. For all of the features, you don’t have to pay any individual third party – all are in just one package. So, why not boosting the business with FusionPos?