FusionPOS Contactless Dining

By FusionPOS | May 3rd, 2020

Contactless Dining: The New Normal of the Dining World

There is no doubt about the fact that COVID-19 pandemic has upheaved the business landscape and created numerous uncertainties. The social norms that were prevalent before the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic are a thing of the past now. As the world is moving towards the post-lockdown period, there are a bunch of latest practices that are quickly becoming the new normal. Social interaction is an essential part of our lives, and it is evolving due to adapting to the latest guidelines for maintaining the best personal hygiene practices. It is quite understandable that dining out the old way is not safe anymore, and it must be changed.

Experts are predicting a permanent change in public places like hotels, restaurants, and other fast-food chains. This change is essential to ensure the safety of the consumers. Moreover, a significant majority of the consumers are going to only those diners that have the best safety system and are implementing the social distancing guidelines.

What is Contactless Dining ?

Every diner and restaurant wants to start providing its services to a maximum number of people while keeping them safe from the possible transmission of the coronavirus. In such a situation, contactless dining has been gaining a lot of traction in the restaurant industry to boost economic recovery and customer trust. Contactless dining just means that the customers will not have to touch anything that some other consumer at the diner might have touched. It means the restaurant will be fully equipped with technology and applications to provide a wholesome dining experience without compromising your health and safety.

Components of Contactless Dining

The contactless dining has the following three main components:

  • A contactless menu that you can access by scanning a QR code and browse the restaurant menu.
  • An efficient contactless ordering system implemented with the help of a mobile phone application. Hence, you will not have to talk to the staff directly.
  • You will pay for the food through the weblink and safely exit the restaurant.

Contactless dining is a very effective solution to current problems. You will not have to touch the menus, bill books, or directly interact with any of the staff. It does not only ensure the safety of the consumers but also streamlines the entire experience. Customers will not have to wait in long queues. Instead, they just have to sit on their table and place the order through a single scan. Restaurants are also adopting other safety measures like installing hand sanitizer dispensers and rearranging the tables with an appropriate distance between them and to adapt to the social distancing norms.


Restaurants are adopting contactless dining as the new normal to provide the best possible customer experience and recover the losses incurred by the food industry during this pandemic. Overall, contactless dining is the need of the hour. It has the power of replacing the conventional dining norms because contactless dining protects the health and safety of the consumers while proving them an enjoyable dining experience.