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Best Ways to Recycle Used Cooking Oil      Use as a Lubricant

Use as a Lubricant


Takeaways and commercial kitchens can also sell or reuse cooking oil as a lubricant. This oil works as a reliable lubricant for locks, metal tools, gardening tools, and door hinges. Rust accumulation is a constant struggle when working with metal surfaces and tools. But by maintaining a consistent lubricant layer on the metal surface, you can keep rusting at bay. So, if you have a wide variety of gardening and crafting tools down in the garage, keep a mason jar full of cooking oil handy to prevent rusting.

Once the cooking oil changes its color and you feel a staunch smell coming out of it, you cannot reuse it for cooking. This is when you should find an alternative to use the old cooking oil so that it doesn’t end up in the drain. If a commercial eatery has wooden, rattan, or leather furniture, they can use old cooking oil as a shiner for it. You can prevent scratching and maintain a shiny layer on your furniture by coating it with cooking oil.


Another way of using old cooking oil is repurposing it. When a cooking oil batch completes its tenure in your takeaway kitchen, strain it and store it. You can quickly remove solid food particles from cooking oil and store the oil in a mason jar/bottle. This used, but clean oil is now ready to go into DIY furniture polish, hair conditioner, soap, or chemical dissolver. Vegetable oil is good for removing stains from metal and plastic surfaces, i.e., your car or crafting table. There is more than one way to reuse cooking oil once it gets too dark for cooking or frying.

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